Tater Tottin Toppin’ Hot Dish

I had never made hot dish before entering a the Holland Neighborhood’s Hot-Dish Revolution contest. I’m pretty sure I had never even tasted one, although I can’t be sure as I spent a lot of time in Minnesota as a kid. Marv (he has rules) decided that I had to make a tater tot hot dish, as this was my first. So, I researched and needless to say, I as more than a bit freaked out to find out what was in one. I was amused by the top-totting, bottom-totting or double-totting arguments, but there was no way I was making some dish with hamburger and cream of mushroom soup. My foot was down. What I did was add beer to the sauce from a cheddar & blue cheese sauce I developed for chicken pot pies, replace the hamburger with stew meat, used steamed vegetables and embraced the top-totting. When all was said and done I came in second, out of two, loosing to a cream of mushroom-hamburger combo. I guess you can’t argue with a classic.

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