About Kris

Hi, I’m Kris. Thanks for stopping by. This site may need some explanation.

Basically, it’s my sketchbook. I’m an interactive media/marketing strategist/designer/developer/producer/content provider and artist. I’m working on several projects, one of which is a cookbook where I intend to explore the nature of data and how it can change meaning when it changes connections. No, I don’t really know what this means… yet. But I’m thinking about these bits of data as I would ingredients in a recipe – take yeast for example – it changes depending on how its looked at. It can be used for it’s taste, nutrition, color, ability to puff up or even turn things alcoholic. I wonder how this can affect data organization and cognition.

Anyway, that’s just one of the things that’s going on in my head.

As this is my sketchbook, recipes may get done, but not be photographed. Or there may be photographs but the recipe isn’t quite right – with notes on what I think will make it right. It’s a work in progress, details of what will come later will come later.

For now, enjoy the food.

– Kris Hase

All photos, writing and recipes (unless otherwise stated and given that there’s no such thing as an original recipe) are made by me and are my sole property. You are welcome to share or adapt this work provided you credit me and link to this site. If you would like to use something for another purpose, just ask. Or if you would like to discuss hiring me to help you with your own projects write to she AT mrsmarv DOT com.


21 thoughts on “About Kris

  1. I received your site as a tip from your photographer friend at the Star Tribune. She did not leave her card while she was her shooting my boss…but please thank her! I love your recipes! We are always searching for new and great stuff to cook up for our customers and freely hand out the recipes..look forward to more in the future. Did you think about compiling a mailing list for when your cook book is done..I want to get in line for it.

  2. I found your site through taste spotting and I think it’s really cool that you are from Minnesota! I’m a Minnesotan residing in California and I have to say that compared with the Midwest, it’s much easier and more enjoyable to find and cook with fresh and interesting ingredients here.

  3. yamiam & anna: thank you!

    Dave: Yeah, absolutely. Not sure if they have any fresh right now but you can almost always find frozen at Dragon Star Foods in St. Paul about 2 – 3 blocks north of University on Dale. If you’re coming in from Rochester be sure to grab lunch at the Caribbean place on University & Dale.

    Good luck to you!

  4. came across your site after being sent to the minnesota cooks site and thinking how beautiful it was. This site/sketchbook is lovely, and the blog is fun to read. I’ll be back to peek again, thanks!

  5. campodifragole – thanks!

    Daniel – My best diet tip is to not eat everything all at once. Then again, I’ve got a bit of chub to loose, so maybe I should do that.

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  7. the grilled cheese page is absolute genius. your recipes are so creative!
    when you come out with a cookbook, I’m definitely getting my hands on a copy. ๐Ÿ™‚
    best wishes!

  8. Wow, that sounds like a fascinating book. I studied cognitive science in undergrad, and I would’ve learned a heck of a lot more had they used a cookbook like yours in place of some of the textbooks! (;

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