Refrigerator Hockey Spanakopita

You’ve played refrigerator hockey. I know you have. You sit there and pass condiments and extras around until you know that you can turn them into something that can be played. Well. We’re doing a bunch of that right now. And lucky for us we have some phyllo and feta in the frige. Boom! Hey look at that, there’s a damn good meal. Oh and breakfast. Oh and lunch for two. Yea!


So normally, a post that has to do with phyllo would have to do with how to work with phyllo safely. Cover it up with plastic wrap and damp towels. Whatever.


That’s it. It’s the secret of phyllo. Just move fast and then you won’t need to be so careful.

I also know that it’s awesome being me. I look into a refrigrator of stuff from our CSA going bad and some phyllo and am like, “woah man, your veggies aren’t going to make it. Better make somethin’, stat!” (Don’t ask me what’s up with the ‘stat’ thing – I feel like I’m channeling my sister’s sense of humor. Although, there is something inherently funny about people yelling abbreviations of Latin words. But I digress…)

The truth is that there was a whole lot of stuff perilously close to bad, I sauteed it. There was a bunch of stuff that was frozen and I thawed it and chopped it into chunks.
It turned out to be stupid good. If I have advice to give, I’d say learn to use what you have.

Refrigerator Hockey Spanakopita


1/2 package of phyllo
1/4 c butter, melted
a lot of greens and some ramps
1 small container of ricotta
10 oz feta
3 eggs
1 8 – 12 oz package of frozen broccoli
juice of 1/2 lemon

Preheat the oven to 375°f.

Saute greens, ramps and, really, whatever you’ve got going bad (that came from the ground) in your refrigerator, in some olive oil in medium-high heat.

In a food processor, process ricotta, feta and eggs until smooth. Add in sauteed veg. If, like me, you’ve found that you don’t have enough veg in there; quick! Run to the freezer, grab the first veg you can find! Thaw it. Toss it in. Process a bit. Taste it. Realize it needs some acid. Add in juice from half a lemon.

Get ready for the prep.

Melt your butter, and place it near by. Get a pastry brush, also lay that nearby. Have your filling in some sort of spot that’s easily accessible and easily scoopablie. Have a 9 x 13 pan on your right or left depending on your hand orientation. Place phyllo on the other side and START MOVING FAST. Brush the top sheet quickly and inexactly with butter and put it in the pan. Then do the same thing with the next 7 sheets. Pile on a bunch of filling, to coat thickly. Brush butter on two more sheets placing them in the pan after brushing. Again with the filling and then with the phyllo until you’re out of filling. (This should be about 3 – 4 fillings worth. With the last sheets brush them with butter and and top the layers off.

Score the spanakopita however you like. I tend to cut all the way through the top and middle layers, but some people would have you just intermittently score. It’s doesn’t really matter. One makes your phyllo roll up, the other doesn’t, but it might break up when you cut it later.

Put in the oven for about 45 minutes (more or less.) Take out when the top is browned.

You’re done! How awesome is that!


2 thoughts on “Refrigerator Hockey Spanakopita

  1. Hi Kris; Hope you are well with you.
    I am lebanese so I like to add fennel seed, and cilantro to your Spanakopita. I like the idea of adding ricotta, and broccoli.
    Take care and thank you for all your sincere efforts in promoting foods that are wholesome, and nourishing to the our hearts and souls.

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