I love a taqueria… and their tacos.

It’s one of those quirky things about me; I am just not capable of passing by a flea market that boasts that it’s the largest in Georgia.  There is just no way to do it.  And when at the end of that flea market you find a taqueria that sells lengua tacos… Oh my.  I swoon.

So I present to you, my day at the flea market (with tacos + lengua and salsa recipes at the end!):


Oh, how could you possibly drive by this one a beautiful fall day?


Ah, look at it.  Isn’t it just lovely?  Granted the lengua one is a bit obscured by the steak taco, but you get the idea.  (YUM!  That’s the idea.)  



First off the flea market.  (I know, you want the food now.  But it will be much better once you’ve walked around and worked up an appetite.)



Sugar cane available at many of the market booths. 



Everybody loves a bird house with a license plate roof.



Aw… Young love at the market.



The guy selling these glasses could not figure out what I was photographing.



And once we got to the end of the tables – Taqueria Mi Tierra



Lovely mango & almond drinks quench our thirst.



Marv decided to have a lengua torta.  It was pretty as well.



Three salsas provided accompaniment; red, green and something in an orange.



The crispness of the day did not keep anyone from enjoying the open air.



Little sisters always like to be entertained by their big brother’s dancing.




Lengua for tacos

1 beef tongue
2 onions, peeled and quartered

2 T butter
1 T flour
1 T chipotle powder

2 c beef broth

2 roasted peppers
2 roasted red jalepenos
1/2 c roasted tomatoes

Put tongue with pressure cooker with onions and add water until it comes about half way up on the tongue. Cook for 25 minutes. Peel off the white skin. Cut in half. The bottom half of the tongue should still need a good deal more cooking. Cut it into small chunks.

Melt butter over med-high heat until butter is bubbly. Sprinkle with flour and chipotle powder. Stir until thick and browned. Add in beef broth and heat until mixture is reduced and thick. Add in peppers and tomatoes puree with a stick blender until smoothish. Add in the chunks of tongue and cook until tender.

While tongue is cooking, cut up other half of tongue into small chunks. This half of the tongue should be cooked through, but if it’s not done add it into the mixture and cook for 20 mins or so.


4 tomatoes, roasted
2 onions, roasted
2 jalepenos, roasted
2 T ancho powder
2 T cream or sour cream
juice from 1/2 lime

Throw all ingredients except salt into a blender and blend until smooth add salt to taste.


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