Jalapeno Poppers

I think that if my marriage was on the brink of destruction, I would make these. I think you would have to think twice about divorcing a woman who makes her own jalapeno poppers. Cuz you could divorce her, but how would you get the poppers?


On the other hand, if my marriage did destruct, I would get all the poppers…

Now, I can’t abide by fancy ingredients in my poppers. I’m just a straight up pepper, cream cheese & fried batter kind of a gal. Even so, getting them right was kinda hard. First off, turned out that the peppers need to be cooked, otherwise they were too tough. Originally, I tried steaming, because I was only trying to make them pliable, but it turned out that roasting them in an oven brought out their sweetness, which was awesome. And getting the right combo for the batter was kinda annoying; too wet, too dry, too thin, too whatever. Finally, I got it nailed down pretty good.

There were also a few hiccups in the process. I tried a few different ways to cut holes, empty out seeds and insert cream cheese. It turned out the easiest way was to just slice out a hole on one side and scrape out the seeds. And while we’re on the subject of seeds, they’re the best way of moderating the heat you want. More seeds = more heat. If you’re not sure what that means for the peppers you have, just try one. Then you can determine how many of them you want in your popper.

Jalapeno Poppers

12 jalapeno peppers
5 oz (or more depending, on the size of your peppers) cream cheese, softened
pinch salt

1/2 c flour
1 T cornmeal (optional)
1 egg, lightly beaten
1/4 c milk
1 T honey
1 t salt

1 c bread crumbs

Roast peppers in 450°f oven, turning when they brown. As soon as the peppers are mailable. If they get too brown before being maliable put them into a bowl and cover to steam the skins off. (Pull off whatever doesn’t fall off on it’s own.) Allow to cool.


Heat 2″ of peanut oil to 300°f – 325°f.

Meanwhile, mix together cream cheese with a pinch or two of salt. Create a boat cut in each pepper by pinching a fold and cutting around the your fingers from almost the top to almost the bottom. Do not remove the stem. Scrape out seeds with a spoon and fill with cream cheese.

Mix together flour, cornmeal, milk, egg, honey, salt and pepper until well combined and there aren’t any lumps. Put breadcrumbs into small bowl. Holding by the stem, dunk pepper into batter. Coat thoroughly, let excess drip off and transfer to breadcrumbs. Press bread crumbs into batter.


Drop into hot oil. After a few seconds of cooking, flip and finish cooking the top.




18 thoughts on “Jalapeno Poppers

  1. I generally smoke my stuffed peppers, but that breading looks really great. I may have to try frying some… I love the breaded peppers with blackberry sauce!

  2. You rock, Mrs Marv! Those look so yum…I’m definitely going to allocate some of this summer’s pepper crop just for your popper recipe.

    ps. Added you to my blogroll.

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  4. DocChuck – thanks!

    Curt – You know what? Normally I’m so with you about that and that’s what I had been doing when developing this recipe. However, I wasn’t really in the mood to do heat modulation in sub-zero weather so I just stuck them in the oven… and I like this recipe better that way. But I can’t wait to stuff some poblanos with corn, feta, nuts and whatever and smoking them up with some brisket or something. Yum, yum, yum.

    Deborah – It does make a big difference and thanks!

    Moody Foodie – thank you! And yes, with definitely a good use for the summer peppers.

    Kevin – Thank you!

  5. You’ve really outdone yourself. I’ve had them packaged before, and didn’t dare look at the ingredient list, since they were offered to me, and I wanted to indulge. But this looks like a much better way to go, and I bet they are EVEN tastier. I’ll have to copy this recipe down and have a go for a party sometime. YUM! Thanks!

  6. Thanks for the inspiration! Here’s the modifications I made to this recipe:
    -used panko (Japanese) breadcrumbs for a lighter, crispier outside
    -used wheat flour.. it required an extra splash of milk and an extra drizzle of honey, but this thicker flour worked quite well for the batter


  7. MrsDocChuck – that’s definitely a problem I didn’t foresee when I was working on this recipe.

    Bri – Thank you! And, yeah, that’s one of the best things about homemade – you do know what’s in them.

    Nina – Interesting and yes you can!

    Lauren – You’re very welcome and thanks for letting me know. I love it when people take something I did as a jumping off point and making it their own!

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