Happy Birthday to Blog!


The cake is Red Velvet recipe found here. It was really good. (Got a good tip from the spouse – get the cake really cold before frosting. That way the little crumbs don’t bubble up. Who knew?)

In honor of this exceptionally auspicious if not rather silly occasion I’ve decided to pick out the my 15 favorites. (I was going for ten, but I slipped…. upward.) I have recipes that were just fun to make (poutine, chorizo corn dog, chili shepherd’s pie and biscuits & gravy.) Then there were the recipes that were a challenge to create (white chocolate marvs, s’mores, breakfast hotdish, striped cookies, and green chili stew.) There were recipes that just made me all happy (healthy mac & cheese, tasso green bean salad, roasted beet & gorgonzola ravioli, roasted tomato chorizo stew and Minnesota Corn Chowder.) And then there’s the one where the photo just makes me happy (goat cheese salad cliche. Awww.)

poutine3.jpg chilishepherds1.jpg greenchilistewtassoblog.jpg macandcheese.jpg goatcheesesaladblog.jpg Tasso Green Bean Salad Corn Wild Rice Chowder White Chocolate Marv S'more Chorizo Corn Dog Beet Gorgonzola Ravioli Breakfast Hotdish Stripey Cookie Biscuits & Gravy roastedtomatochorizoblogsm.jpg

And let’s not forget the winners! There were winners to my competition:

For “NeoExpressionist Sky” there was a tie. (I know, kissing your brother and all that. However I just couldn’t decide between earth peeling back behind me or making a heart jump. Could not do it!)

Muffin of the beautiful and fun blog Never Bashful with Butter, said, “I need NeoExpressionist Sky in my life, because to me, looking into it feels like I’m at that point where the world starts to peel back behind me, and the only thing I can see in front of me is calm and crisp and new.”

And Vicky from the informative, A Work in Progress, said “I need NeoExpressionist sky in my life because it made my heart jump when I saw it.”

You both rock so I had to give a photo to each of you.

The winner for “This Looks Like a Good Place to Park” was Hanne, from the ever entertaining Supper in Stereo for saying, “I need this looks like a good place to park in my life because it looks like the first home I had, in the Canadian prairies.”

And the winner for “Ice, Water & Steam” was an email entry which read, “I need Ice, Water & Steam in my life because:
– because I grew up on 12,000 acres but cannot go back
– because I have dedicated my life to a marriage, and after 22 years, my husband just finished an affair with a 25 year old
– because we’re trying to actually REBUILD that marriage
– because I could use a road trip but cannot and will not run anymore

But most of all,
– because I see the three parts of me in that picture…

Ice: The brittle, hard, cold outer shell…this is all anybody sees. I wear it to protect myself from pain
Water: The tears. Too many to count, yet I never want to run out. When I run out of tears, I run out of feeling
Steam: The passionate, loving and yes, even forgiving side of me. The me I need to rediscover… nebulous, ethereal, warm, encompassing.”

And there you go. Congratulations to all! Happy one year to meeeeee!

Thank you and Much love,

– Kris


5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Blog!

  1. YAY! I just got it in the mail today, and I showed my husband, who fell in love with it as well. We’re having it framed for our office. YAY! Its so pretty!

    Thank you so much! Happy 1 year to you!

  2. I somehow just found your blog, but happy birthday, a bit late. 🙂 Wonderful photos, as you already know. What lens are you using for shots like with your dog or the fries? Great effect.

  3. Hi Curt: Thank you very much. I think both of those pictures were taken with an old nikkor 50mm lens. If not – I also use a couple of cheapy point and shoot digital cameras on the micro setting. They tend to bend things oddly – which I try to use to my advantage.

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