Photo Giveaway Contest Type Dealie

A bit over a year ago I quit my freakishly inappropriate employment and started a year long journey to reboot myself. This process started with a two week long road trip where I drove from Minneapolis to Portland (Oregon) and back – by myself.

I hurt all over and I didn’t even know if the things that I was thinking or feeling were even mine. I didn’t even want to spend two weeks driving across country. I kept coming up with things that needed to be done before I could leave. Marv more or less put me into the car. Of course, he had also been the one to tell me that I was broken and that I needed to go do whatever it was that I needed to do to go fix myself.

As it turns out – that took about 6 months, but the first step was the big one. I got (placed) into the car and started driving west.

The first day, I didn’t really care. The second day, I didn’t really care. The third day I began watching the world go by. It was pretty. It was really pretty. I started to feel myself breathe again. And so it went, with each mile and each photograph I began to get pieced back together.

It was a start. And then I started getting all Becky Homecy.  I do that when I’m hurt.  I cook.  I photograph what I’m cooking.  A couple of months later I started this blog because a friend wanted a recipe of mine and I figured I may as well just find a place to park my recipes and photos until I figure out the big project.  And that was that.

And wow.  Over the past year I’ve been amazed (startled!) at how encouraging and wonderful people have been to me and the work that I’m doing here. Artistically and personally I have never felt so encouraged in my life – so in honor of my 1 year anniversary coming up I’m going to thank the internet at large by giving away 3 prints of photographs that were taken on my trip west.  (Thank you internet!)

I would like to give to you one (or two or three) prints of photographs of mine taken on that first semi- monumental turning of my lifish.  You just need to come up with the best answer to the following sentence.  (Or sentence following.)

“NeoExpressionist Sky” 10/31/06

“This Looks Like a Good Place to Park” 10/27/07

“Ice, Water & Steam” 11/3/06

So, finish this sentence for me:

I need (photo name) in my life because ____________________.

You can either leave it as a comment here or send it to me in an email to she @ I will be choosing the winners of the photographs from these sentences on Friday, December 7, 2007. If you win, I will email you on Saturday, December 8, 2007 for your shipping address to which I will send you a 12 x 16 inch (approximately) print on watercolor paper of the photo you wrote about (provided that I can afford the shipping to get it to you.) Friends and relatives of mine are welcome to participate, but are not guaranteed to get anything out of it.

There is nothing even remotely legally binding about this post. And I will not do anything with your personal information except send you the photo. I am not responsible for lost or damaged items. I do not guarantee Christmas delivery. And I would like you all to have a very good day. (Although, I’m not responsible for that either.)


13 thoughts on “Photo Giveaway Contest Type Dealie

  1. What beautiful pictures, it is so kind of you to share them with us. I need “NeoExpressionist Sky” in my life because of the sense of peace it gives. I currently have a lot on my plate and am under quite a bit of stress. I would much rather be sitting on the edge of that lake watching a glorious sunset than doing any of the millions of things that need to be done.

  2. Wow, congrats on your blog anniversary! Your story of creativity and inspiration is nice to hear. And I totally hear you on the cooking thing. I have the same instinct. I go straight from pain to kitchen it seems.

    I need this looks like a good place to park in my life because it looks like the first home I had, in the Canadian prairies.

  3. dear generous artist type:

    I need “This Looks Like a Good Place to Park” in my life because it reminds me of where I came from, and I need to be reminded where I came from.

  4. Aren’t road trips great for that, though? They really are. Head-clearing, perspective-gaining, mind-resetting … The therapeutic value of driving back roads across the continent cannot be overstated.

    I need “Ice Water & Steam” in my life because looking at it makes me remember all the great road trips I’ve made and gives me back a little piece of that calm and quiet.

  5. I love that you drove from Minneapolis to Portland after you quit your job. Its funny to me, because I made the exact OPPOSITE drive a year before you did. I don’t have any surviving photos though, because I was on 35mm back then, and I procrastinated myself out of getting the film developed to the point where when I finally did, they weren’t fit to print.

    But it really is amazing how there is a point where you can almost feel the world peeling away behind you, and it just feels so calm and crisp and new.

    ..Also, its amazing just how long it takes to get through Montana. OMG Montana seemed to go on forEVER.

    Anyways, I really like your story of how you started your blog. I always love reading how people came down to starting a blog about food.


    I need NeoExpressionist Sky in my life, because to me, looking into it feels like I’m at that point where the world starts to peel back behind me, and the only thing I can see in front of me is calm and crisp and new.

    …Also I’m a big fan of sunsets. I haven’t missed a single one since I graduated highschool.

  6. Dear Mrs. Marv, it’s so wonderful to read about your story and how this blog came about. I must say that I sympathize with you because I’m at that juncture in life that you posted about. I’m a little bit happy, sad, introspective and crazy at the same time. But mostly, I’m confused. Sigh, the imminent graduation from a PhD program will do that! But anyway, thanks for sharing your story and though my life is full of uncertainty right now, I’m assured that one day, I’ll find my direction like you did!

    Anyway, I need “Ice, Water & Steam” because being the freak that I am, I love winter! 🙂

  7. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos.

    I need “Ice, Water and Steam” because I relate it to life in that it takes each part to make life complete. Without the difficulties we would hardly recognize the truely wonderful times.


  8. i have not read your story, and i know the contest is over–but each picture took me someplace else. i am at work right now, and i would love to just jump into the sunset!

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