Wasabi Ice Cream

Oh, bloody hell. This ice cream is wrong. With every bite it’s wrong. So very, very wrong. Please, give me another bite! Oh, I love it so. It’s so much like eating red hots with popcorn when I was a kid just to see how adults would scrunch up their nose at me! I love it!

Bite the Green Dragon!

2 eggs (separated)
1 1/2 c cream
1 1/2 milk
3/4 c vanilla sugar (or just sugar)
1 T vanilla
1 vanilla bean scraped
1 tube wasabi (seriously, if you try this and just do half, that will work too)
green food coloring (just a bit)

Whip egg whites into a froth, add in yellows and whip until fluffy – about a minute. Whip in the sugar a bit a time. Add in the milk and cream. Add in the flavorings. Freeze according to the directions of your ice cream maker.

(I can’t believe I made ice cream that will clear out your sinuses. Sorry about that!)


2 thoughts on “Wasabi Ice Cream

  1. Very funny. For me it’s not even much of a stretch. I love wasabi, and I really thought I could tame it for ice cream by infusing the cream with vanilla and richening it up with a couple of eggs. And I love it. I’m just not sure that anybody else will! ; )

    Thanks for the kind words,

    – Kris

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