Roasted Sweet Potato Salad

In the interest of science I’m continuing with my taste testing of different varieties of sweet potatoes. This time I decided to make roasted a potato salad with them. This is a new toss up of an old recipe – I didn’t have a few (or really, any) of the ingredients on hand so I made a new variation. This one has walnuts, dried blueberries and chives.

Each potato variety stood up to the stringent challenge of this test. And, really, they tasted quite nice together. Each lent it’s own nice flavor contrast to the others. It worked for me.

Roasted Sweet Potato Salad


3 sweet potatoes, cut into bite size pieces
2 T pomegranate or raspberry vinegar
1T Cuisine Perl’s Late Harvest Riesling vinegar(or other wine vinegar)
1 T honey mustard,
1/4 c light mayo
1 T reduced fat sour cream
salt to taste
chives coarsely sliced
1/2 c walnuts, coarsely chopped
2 – 3 T dried blueberries, chopped

Toss sweet potato bits in olive oil and roast in 450°f oven until they are easily chewable. Allow to cool to a point that they are easy to handle.

sweetpotatosalad3blog.jpg sweetpotatosaladingredblog.jpg

Whisk the liquid ingredients together. Add in the liquid mixture into the sweet potatoes until it reaches the consistency you want. Toss in the chives, walnuts and bluberries and serve. Or you can serve this as a cold salad, just let sit in refrigerator for an hour or more and add in optional ingredients and toss again before serving.


Asian & New Jersey Garnet sweet potatoes nestled happily together on my fork before they meet inevitable but tasty doom.


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