Thank you.

I’m really bad at tracking the things that I do. I just get it into my head to try to make something. I think about how I’m going to do it. Then I make whatever it is and promptly forget about it. Then, friends come along and ask, “Do you remember when you made X and it was so good?” And I answer, “No. But that sounds like me.” “So then, there’s no recipe so you can make it for me again?” Ah, that would be a no. Sorry.

When I started this blog I really thought of it as a dumping ground for the things that I make or think about making but never write down – so that I wouldn’t forget them and then have content roll them into a larger interactive project. I did not expect for people to be so supportive. I certainly didn’t expect to be called a, breakfast rock star, by Serious Eats or that the shrimp ravioli in corn soup sauce that my brother and I made would make anyone as happy as it seems to have made Sarah J. Gim from Slashfood. I was even surprised and delighted by Mister Jason saying (and illustrating) that I am becoming Iron Chef of the Internets, even though I’m very well aware of just how silly he is.

I’m so thrilled and pleased that people are enjoying the things that I make as much as I do. Thank you all for all your support. I truly appreciate it.


2 thoughts on “Thank you.

  1. I love this blog!

    I discovered it through Muffin at Never Bashful with Butter, and now I checkit almost every day. I’m very much looking forward to making Bananas Kyndell when I can find some nice pineapple.

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