Accidental dessert happens.

I was preparing the ravioli to be photographed, thought I had turned on the burner underneath the the water, but it was actually the one under a pot of oil. It kept getting hotter and hotter while I was vaguely wondering why I wasn’t hearing water boil. Finally, I got curious. Which was when I finally notice that the oil was hot. That was a tish troubling but wasn’t smoking or spurting. So, I slid a piece of bread in to cool it down, and then another one. No more bread. Fished out the bread. Tossed in a couple of wonton skins. Flipped them over when they got golden. Sprinkled some powdered sugar on them, drizzled on some huckleberry honey I got in Montana and served up my accidental dessert. (Yea!)

Sugared Fried Wonton Skins


wonton skins
vegetable or peanut oil
powdered sugar
huckleberry honey

If you want to make this on purpose, heat some oil up to 350°f. Slide in wonton skins. Cook until puffy and brown. Flip over and cook until brown on the other side. Using bamboo skimmer, spoon wontons out of oil. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and drizzle with honey. You could even serve them up with some fruit and ice cream.


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