Bad blogger, bad, bad, blogger

I’ve been out of town, that’s my excuse. When I’m out of town I tend to spend all of my energy on photography and not cooking or chatting about silly things. Well, actually, I sorta always chat about silly things. Nonetheless, there is much stuff to be posted. I start today with photos. In the next week or two, there will be superbowl food (as I must act like a proper expat and watch the Bears), there have been two articles in the Mpls. Star Tribune on Marv’s bacon makin’ ways lately so I’ll post a not to be missed bacon sandwich recipe, and then there’s crab dip and golden beet and sweet potato soup.

But for now, the photography:

Self-Portrait Not Molesting Alligators

(Taken in the Everglades.)

Yep, that’s ocean and a bit of cloud.

(Taken in Key Largo.)

Hemmingway Didn’t Like This Pool

(Taken in Key West.)

Somebody Left Their Toys Laying Around

(Taken on Miami Beach.)


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