New year’s eve as if I grew up in Chicagoland.

After all the dreams of appetizers – they just seemed like too much work for little old me after the big cake and croissants and all. So, I celebrated new year’s eve like the rest of my Chicago expat relatives, with hot dogs and cheese fries.

Hot dogs at the Marv’s have a tendency to be a little different. Marv makes them from scratch and then we stuffed them together. (I know, nothing says love like processing raw meat.)

Making hotdogs from scratch has a couple of benefits – it’s nice to use the kitchenaid mixer for something else and you can get a much better quality hotdog if you’re in control of what goes in it. They have better flavor, less fat, and I’ve noticed a much better consistancy than most packaged hotdogs. Marv normally makes them with chicken thighs, but this time he did beef.

Ta da! The fruits of our labors:


The recipe can be found at: – scroll down until you hit Garlic Franks.


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